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  • Violins, Small Sizes, Price Range: £501 to £3,000

9929    Violin

Size: 7/8
Origin: French
Age: 20th century

French, Fait sous la direction de Lois Courtier 1931, No. 354. 

Two piece back, narrow figure, red brown varnish. 

Will be excellent condition. LOB 348mm.

NSN BBA    Violin

Size: 3/4
Origin: French
Age: 20th century

French, ca 1900. N. Vuillaume school.

One piece back, broad figure, red brown varnish.

Excellent condition. LOB 337mm.

14330    Violin

Size: 7/8
Origin: German
Age: 19th century

Good unlabelled Klingenthal violin. Ca 1830. One piece back, medium figure. Varnish of a red brown colour. Excellent condition. LOB 351mm

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