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  • Violins, Full Size, Price Range: £10,001 to £20,000

14245/6    Violin

Size: 4/4
Origin: Other
Age: 19th century

SOLD Fine American violin by George Gemunder, Long Island, New York 1888. The maker worked with Vuillaume in Paris and gained the title of  "America's greatest maker". Two piece back, medium figure, golden, red brown varnish. Excellent condition and provenance. LOB 359 mm.

C801    Violin

Size: 4/4
Origin: French
Age: 19th century

SOLD Very fine example of the work of Jacques Pierre Thibout, Paris 1821. One piece back of bold medium figure.  Varnish of a golden amber colour. Almost mint condition. 

LOB 360mm

Certificate of D Moinel, Paris.

14471    Violin

Size: 4/4
Origin: Italian
Age: 20th century

Good Italian violin by Vincenzo Cavani Spilamberto (Modena) 1956. Two piece back, narrow figure, varnish golden amber. Excellent condition. LOB 355mm
7588    Violin

Size: 4/4
Origin: English
Age: 19th century

Fine Anglo-french violin by Paul Bailly, Leeds 1897. One of very few violins Bailly made whilst working in Leeds between1897 and 1898. 2 piece back, broad figure, varnish dark golden-brown. Excellent condition. Length of back 360mm.
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