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  • Violin Bows, Full size, Price range: £10,001 to £20,000

12005    Violin Bow

Size: 4/4
Origin: French
Age: 20th century

Exceptionally fine French violin bow by Joseph Alfred Lamy Pere Ca1910.

Round stick, Whalebone lapping.

Mint and pure condition 59.6g

13828    Violin Bow

Size: 4/4
Origin: German
Age: century

Exceptionally good German "picture" bow by Carl Albert Nurnberger.

Octagonal stick, inlaid star pattern around frog lens "Premier" model.

Almost mint condition 60.3g

15246    Violin Bow

Size: 4/4
Origin: French
Age: 19th century

Fine French violin bow by F N Vorin Ca 1880.  Octagonal stick of dark golden brown pernambuco. Frog of silver and ebony. The three piece button of silver and ebony Excellent condition 60gm

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