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Ref.# Vivente Academy   Cello
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Size: 4/4
Origin: English
Age: century

Hidersine Vivente Academy Finetune Cello Outfit

"The finest and easiest-to-play student cello outfit"

Supplied with padded gigbag with bow holder and accessory pockets, brazilwood half-mounted bow and Hidersine rosin

Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

The clever, German-engineering employed in Wittner’s Finetune pegs allows the student or professional to turn the internally geared peg in a controlled way, without the main shaft of the peg ever losing contact with the pegbox. This means you can make tiny, incremental increases or decreases in pitch - just like tuning a guitar. Getting your instrument in tune, and keeping it there has literally never been easier…. So now your precious time can be spent on learning and playing – not tuning.. and re-tuning.
The solid Maple core is enhanced further by a ‘graphic flame’ finish. This is a special finishing technique which gives the appearance of visually top-grade, flamed maple, so your Vivente instrument has the appearance of a much more exclusive instrument.
Checked in our workshop and fully set up.

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